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We have a Fantastic Location to work from offering excellent Coffee. Cake, Sandwiches

Commute Cafe, 33 The Broadway, St Ives, PE27 5BX

We also can visit your home, we bring everything we just need you and your bike of choice. 

At FTP we start EVERY BIKE FIT with a detailed physical assessment to find your range of movement, Flexibility, Physical Capabilities. Only then can we start to apply the information to getting you into a position your body can actually maintain so you can be the most comfortable, efficient and overall more powerful.

We are foot specialists and really believe the foot is the foundation to every single bike fit, therefore we assess your feet, give you plenty of advice and tips, we can heat mould custom carbon footbeds to support your feet with Wedges, discuss shims, cleat positions, cleat wedges, everything you need to set up your feet.

Our Bike fits include all the recommended bike adjustments to match your physical capabilities but we also discuss the the following to be the most thorough and complete service:

  • Interview pre bike fit 

  • Functional Movement Screen 

  • Full Body Assessment

  • Foot Assessment  

  • Custom Footbeds made on site

  • Full cleat set-up

  • Stem Sizing tool 

  • Coaching on ideal pedal-technique 

  • Riding Posture.

  • Post fit report and debrief

  • Discuss injury prevention 

  • Ongoing support via email, phone, 

  • Soft tissue therapy with massage and injury prevention 

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