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I don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ or "this system says I should be in this position".

Every cyclist is different, in terms of symmetry, shape, fitness, ability, flexibility and bike fitting should reflect that.

I bring a more personal touch to bike fitting, with a combination of rigorous science and an experienced eye. It’s a less clinical, less textbook, less "you should" be in that position and a more tailored approach to each bike fit I do.
I created Foot To Pedal to make bike fitting more personalised, more detailed, more comprehensive to help you get the best out of your bike, and achieve your goals. 

I have experience from many thousands of miles cycled, I have cycles up famous climbs of the Tour De france including Mont Ventoux, Galibier, Alpe D'Huez, Glandon, Toussiere, Chaussy, La Lacets, Madeleine, Sveti Jure in Croatia, Vrsic Pass in Slovenia, Mount Teide, Sa Calobra, Cap Formentor and many of the Uk's finest including Rosedale Chimney, Cat & Fiddle.

I have experience riding multiple surfaces and quite partial to off road, gravel and road, whatever takes the fancy, so no style is off limit.

Why foot to pedal?, Simply because the feet are the most overlooked portion of a bike fit and I can personally guarantee that once you get the feet right the rest just clicks into place. We focus on foot shape, angle, movement, shock absorption, cleat position, varus/valgus angles, leg length discrepancies functional or actual, everything you have probably never though of, but trust me this is the most crucial part of gaining comfort, power, efficiency.

I have many years experience in cycling, independent retail dealing with movement analysis, Sports Injuries and massage Therapy so I can provide you with the most comprehensive and detailed services in bike fitting, shoe, insoles set up you've ever had.

Ryan Sogrowiczuk - Founder 

OSSM - BTEC level 5 - Sports injury and remedial massage specialist with over 10 years experience working with professional teams including football, cycling and running.

Qualified in bike fit to an IBFI certified course. 

I also hold a high degree of common sense too, so we can talk very open and honest to really get the best out of your body and it's abilities.

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