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Not all Bike Fit’s are created equal and our bike fits reflect that. 
We believe the feet are the key to success, once we have a happy foot only then can we really get you into a great position to match your capabilities.

At FTP we believe that every rider will present with different requirements, capabilities, goals, fitness and overall a unique human being.

This is why we dig real dig into every aspect of the anatomy, to find any areas of untapped potential, areas of restrictions holding you back, get them to sing together so you can ride and ride and ride!

Our Full FTP Fit we cover the following:

  • Interview pre bike fit - to establish comprehensive details about your riding, goals, injuries, issues, past experiences with bike fits you may have had.

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) - Symmetry evaluation for strength distribution, Physical capabilities and range of motion. We may bring in other assessment tests based on injury history and aches and pains.

  • Full Foot Assessment and Set up - custom foot beds moulded to your feet (Full FTP Fit includes the insoles)

  • Full cleat set-up, Cleat Wedges if necessary,  Forefoot/heel wedges, Leg Length issues which maybe functional or actual.

  • Stem Sizing tool to find your perfect stem angle and length.

  • Coaching on ideal pedal-technique and cycling posture for greater performance and comfort.

  • Post fit report and debrief: show findings and recommendations on any new parts you may need or wish to invest in,

  • Discuss injury prevention protocols and Exercise regimes.

  • Ongoing support via email, phone, and any further adjustments can be made by arrangement

  • Soft tissue therapy with massage and injury prevention sessions, pre and post event and much much more

Even our get you going bike fit and standard bike fit includes physical assessments as this is the only and most accurate way to get you into the right position.

If you want to know more and get your self booked in please contact me to discuss which service would best suit you, or book HERE

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